About Us


Who are we?

Faculty Of Aviation operates under NURTURE TECH SDN BHD, and supervised by the same directors of Dah Yung Group, Malaysia. Faculty Of Aviation is an authorized agency representing the Training Center of Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, hereinafter referred as HAECO Xiamen. 

As an agency, we are an intermediary between potential students, parents, and HAECO Xiamen, with regards to registration, course information, and application process.  We strive to provide smooth and efficient service to all shareholders, in addition to educating the public of potential career opportunities in the Aviation Industry.

Our Story

Dah Yung Group was established in Malaysia in 1964 as a subsidiary of Dah Yung Steel, Taiwan.  In the same year, Dah Yung Senior High School was established in Taiwan, and operating as a non-profit foundation donated by Dah Yung Steel, Taiwan.

For the past 52 years, Dah Yung Senior High School has being offering vocational programs and Cambridge University ESOL programs in Taiwan. 

Since 2013 Dah Yung Senior High School Taiwan had been sending students to HAECO Xiamen for the CAAR 147 training program (The Chinese Equivalent of EASA 147). The program has further evolved to sending more than 100 students annually for a study tour at HAECO Xiamen.  

In 2015 Dah Yung group Malaysia had been appointed as the recruiting agent of EASA 147 (European license) and CCAR 147 (China License) training programs at HAECO, Xiamen for Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

 Annually we are achieving around 20 students who passed the license required examinations and this number is quickly growing. Thus we are recruiting students for CCAR 147 (Chinese License training program) and EASA 147 (European license training program) for different periods of the year, both of which are recognized locally.

With half a century experience in manufacturing, education, and vocation training, we have a reputation we constantly strive to improve. You can trust that we know education and we know business employment. Your education and career is our priority and our reputation.


For more information about us, feel free to check-out the websites below regarding:

HAECO Xiamen: www.taeco.com/company.asp

Dah Yung Senior High School: www.dystcs.kh.edu.tw