Program Introduction


How to Become an Aircraft Engineer?

Like all specialized occupations, in order to become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician/Engineer, you'll need to go through a series of examinations and licensing procedures.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 66 licence is the main one.  It's a globally recognized licensing program, and one of the most critical qualifications of an Aircraft Maintenance Technician/Engineer in any aviation industry.

EASA Part-66 Licence System

A    Line Maintenance Certifying (Mechanic)    A1  Aeroplane Turbine
A2  Aeroplane Piston
A3  Helicopter Turbine
A4  Helicopter Piston
 B1   Line Maintenance Certifying Engineer (Mecanical)   B1.1   Aeroplane Turbine
 B1.3   Helicopter Turbine
 B2   Line Maintenance Certifying Engineer (Avionics)   B2  Avionics
B3   B3 Simple Light Aeroplane
C Base Maintenance Certifying Engine C All Combinations

This table on the left shows how EASA Part 66 license is split and categorized depending on specific fields of aircraft maintenance.  

Sub-Categories A1 and B1.1 are identical courses taught in different categories.

The categories highlighted in RED are what will be covered in the EASA Part-147 Approved Basic Training Program.  This is the program we are currently offering assistance to students in enrollment and application procedures.


All Part-66 Modules must be passed within a 10 year time period of passing the first module. 

A FAILED module may not be retaken for at least 90 days following the date of the failed module examination.

EASA Part-66 Licencing Experience Requirements

For Categories B1.1 and B2:

  • 5 years of Practical Maintenance Experience on operating aircraft if the applicant has no previous relevant technical training

 Our agency aims to prepare potential candidates for the EASA Part-66 Licencing by fulfilling the second option of their experience requirements.

For more information regarding the types of courses involved in the Approved Basic Training Program, feel free to take a look at the brochure in the link below:

EASA Part-147 Brochure 2016

EASA Part-147 Approved Training Program

Application Process